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Automate your marketing. Sell with webinars. Leverage your coaching.

The Implementation Begins Here

You’re on the verge of making big things happen for you and your business.

You’re about to enter a world where you gain the mindset and skillset to get wealthy changing the lives of others.

And over the next nine weeks, you’ll DISCOVER as you go through the curriculum and become a certified life coach with our proven Success Plan.

The Million Dollar Plan Unfolded.

Here are the projects we’ll work on at the Rapid Launch certification and The Wealthy coach marketing program.

The Secret Behind Life Coaching

We’ll reveal what life coaching IS… and what it’s not.

"The Blueprint"

How do you see yourself as a coach? Life coach… Fitness coach… Spiritual coach… Business coach… how do you see yourself?

Learn the precise blueprint that allows you to coach successfully in area niche or market.

Webinar Selling

You’ll learn how to fill your business with clients that seek you out! Use the power of automation to bring in business automatically.

Values & Criteria of Coaching

We’ll uncover the secret reasons unknown reasons that cause people to make decisions, good and bad, what really makes people tick?

Sold Out Sessions!

You’ll know how to create a coaching program so hot it sells itself, and the event marketing system that fills your calendar and bank account fast.

This program is responsible for literally millions of dollars of coaching services sold, and countless lives changed. Here is every single truth revealed.

Your Virtual Auto-Pilot Team

You’ll know exactly where to find a support team of qualified virtual assistants to take care of the grunt work, so you can focus on your passion and profit.

Identity Uncovering & Redefining The "True Self"

Discover how Wayne and the coaches he has trained helps people find immediate change and life-long transformation! And exactly how you can use this with your clients, family, and friends.

Expert Authority Marketing

You’ll use the Expert Marketing System to quickly become the undisputed leader in your field, and create the online platform that makes you the obvious choice for your clients.

The Wealthy Coach "High-Ticket' Program

You’ll discover the automated sequences that bring in clients at ANY fee that you choose… You’ll discover how we structure coaching programs that sell for $3,000 – to $25,000 per year – and how you can create your signature problem and fill it!

Over the next nine weeks, you’ll get NINE implementation projects, delivered by video and worksheet in your secure members’ area.

They designed to train and certify you in our Rapid Transformation program, and jumpstart your coaching business and get you to IMPLEMENT the six and seven-figure model as soon as you possibly can, with all the support we can give you along the way.

After all, nobody needs only INFORMATION. You need more IMPLEMENTATION.

Plus, you will now receive full access to our new program, The Wealthy Coach!

A full step-by-step marketing program, and every week you’ll get access to live phone-in sessions with Wayne for 6 full months! All training sessions are recorded and you’ll have access to them even if you can’t make them live.

Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the Dream Life Coaching Facebook group.


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