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Tony Robbins & Priming Your Unconscious Mind!

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Tony Robbins & Priming Your Unconscious Mind!

Priming the Mental Mind

Priming occurs whenever exposure to one thing can later alter behavior or thoughts. For instance, a child who sees a bag of candy next to a red bench might begin looking for or thinking about candy the next time he sees a bench. Psychologists utilize the idea of priming in several schools of thought.

Where you start your journey will influence its outcome in some manner. Therefore, let us start each day with a firm determination and a proactive jumpstart of the day!

As you awaken each day, begin with gratitude and a positive mindset.  I personally begin with prayer, connecting my spiritual reality to the natural reality of my life. I am a minister; therefore, I pray to my Creator and give recognition of my life being held by divine hands. If you are open to prayer then beginning your day with it is my highest recommendation.

After that moment of prayer, I go back to a priming technique I learned from Tony Robbins. We cover this in our exclusive program and will walk you through the process. To begin, you must take a few moments and set yourself apart from the noise and distractions of the day.  

After a few deep breaths, I personally lay my hands on my heart and focus on gratitude. 

Breathe in…exhale.

Breathe in life…exhale stress.

Breathe in gratitude…exhale doubts and fears.

Practice gratitude.  

In the moment, focus on three areas of your life that you are grateful for. I personally take one area at a time and as I breathe in, I focus on one area I am grateful for. I personally spend anywhere from one minute to three minutes on each area, showing gratitude to God for each area. 

Breathe in…exhale.

I do that for each of the three areas…. Then…


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