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When You Sell High-Ticket You Must Remember This…

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If you are going to sell high-ticket coaching or consulting to others, your mindset is usually the biggest enemy, and it can be changed simply by the words you speak about your business.

“Wayne, how do I get people to pay my fees for my coaching… I sell high-ticket consulting, my fees are over $20,000 per year”, he explained throughout our phone call.

In fact, over the next 30 minutes or so over our phone call, Shane mentioned the word high-ticket exactly 17 times (yes I counted), and mentioned his price 8 times.

Do you see the problem with Shane selling his services?

Let me explain… Shane was very concerned with his prices and his ‘label’ as ‘high-ticket’ and how people would accept his offer.

Working with hundreds of clients over the last 9 years, I have discovered that how we ‘see’ high-ticket sales can actually hurt others. I will give you an example and you can then examine yourself to see if this is helping or hurting you in your business.

First, let me ask you – what does “High-Ticket” mean to you? Too many people see high-ticket selling as HIGH PROFIT only.

And yes, we want profits, but when we see HIGH profits only, many people take that label into their sales presentations and the prospect detects the greed through incongruency.

Secondly, too many people have become sold on the promise of high-ticket sales only, and have never taken the proper time to learn the full spectrum of sales, persuasion, and marketing.

Never let the phrase ‘high-ticket’ cause you to delve into ego or greed because it will seep into your sales presentations and hurt your conversions.

Do we sell high-ticket? Yes, all day and every day.

The difference? Our offer demands high-ticket pricing because of all the value we bring to the client. And because of that, we choose to focus on the value and the outcome of our coaching, and we let the investment simply be a small part of the program.

Let’s look back at Shane and his consulting practice that sells for more than $20,000 – and let’s change the mindset shift that will help him bring congruency and sell more effectively.

Instead of using the phrase ‘high-ticket’ as part of his own self-talk, we simply changed his vocabulary to speak (to himself and his prospects) about the promise of his offering. We removed all of the ‘high-ticket’ conversations that can create an unhealthy ego or activate internal greed instead of value.

Do all high-ticket coaches and consultants walk in ego or greed?

Of course not, yet I have helped hundreds of coaches, and we see this improper ego and greed more often than not… and this must be addressed.

As we helped Shane explain his value to his clients he was able to raise his prices, sell more coaching, and feel great about it internally. This brought conviction and clarity congruently to the sales presentations helping him not only reach his goals but far exceed them.

What are your coaching or consulting fees?

Now, who says that is “high-ticket”? What makes $2,000 or $20,000 or even $100,000 fees ‘high-ticket’? Perception alone. Yet, when you label it as high-ticket, you bring up unconscious feelings and thoughts that will be projected into your offers and presentations.

Need help in discovering how to properly position your program or your pricing structure? Are you ready to truly serve at a higher level and sell at higher profit points? It can be done with absolute conviction and congruency when properly planned and implemented.

Schedule a complimentary call with us and let’s look at what you are doing currently, and let’s see if we can help you create the business you desire. Go to and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

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