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How To Easily Embed Questions That Lead To Sales!

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“I only called for your free book Wayne, just send me the book.”

This lead did not sound promising at all, in fact I could literally see the trip to the post office, the money I spent on postage and the book, and even this phone call as a big waste of my time, energy, and money.

In the realm of network marketing, affiliate marketing, or sales of any kind, the process of finding leads and converting them is what separates the winners from the losers in the game. You must learn how to find, develop, and sale your leads on becoming leads before you sell them on doing any business with you!

“I only called for your free book Wayne, just send me the book.”

Mark was one of a dozen or so leads I was calling today that was requesting a free book on financial freedom. The book was a great lead magnet, but we had best results when we actually hand-delivered the book and then gave our pitch for our network marketing company.

Mailing the book was almost a guaranteed waste of time. I was certain that they would glance over the book, throw it aside, and no one would benefit from the transaction. So, how do we transform a “send it to me”, into a “please come and deliver the book”?


Questions are the catalyst of conversation, and conversations create conversions.
“Mark, I would be more than happy to get the book to you, and because we want to make sure the book addresses your needs, may I ask you what was it that caught your attention and made you decide to call for the book?”

This simple reply with a question embedded within gave me the opportunity to hear the prospects criteria, their initial desire to even pick up the phone and call for the book. As a natural response to a question being asked, Mark simply responded, and thus began a dialogue between the two of us.

We were able to take the conversation to a face-to-face meeting of further conversation, and ultimately recruiting them into our organization. Mark later became a top producer with our team and we built a great business and friendship together. Without a simple follow-up question I would have discounted this as a “bad lead” and no one would have benefited.

Conversations create conversions and questions are the catalyst for conversations. Take the time to recognize the most common stalls or objections, and embed questions that lead to deeper levels of conversation and discovery. I am curious, what are your most common objections or stalls?

Comment below and I will respond to each one….

*this was originally published on Huffington Post – click here.

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